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What's New, on EBS?  Now in 2015; (and since 'May14'.).

NB. The 'monthly batches of PDF-etc files' (since May 2014), are readily identifiable, by using ‘the (main) EBS-Search’, at the top of each webpage, with an 'mmmyy' format entry, eg 'Jan15'.

This finds, and displays, all the EBS PDFs-etc which have the relevant mmmyy-format filename entry in tag-7.

'Feb15':   +8 new files, (PDFs-etc/webpages now totals 192.).  Dated '18/2/2015' on EBS.

EBS now has:  a)  a 'meaningful PDF' for ALL BPT books/booklets/leaflets (a few being picture-per-page); and,
                            b)  a start on all of the B.E.s, recent ones individually, and oldest ones 'by Volume-number'  -  with more being added progressively.

'Jan15':   latest B.E., and J&B; plus, 'significant text/Links changes' on some webpages.        Dated 28/1/2015.

NB. The Jan'15 B.E.'s Book Sale* of 'a three booklets set', as on the end-cover, will last until end-Mar 2015.
ie for item-Codes* 'GW-W, TFTB, TMSB', all for £3; which is 'about 50% off' the usual prices total.

Links*, to view this B.E.; and these three literature items: 0; 1 2 3.

‘Dec14':       new files c/f, (to 'Jan15')  -  but 'text/Links changes' on various webpages.                Dated 28/1/2015.
‘Nov14’:      +6 new files; to 165 PDFs;  (plus 3 changed files, and 14 filename-changes-only.).  Dated 24/12/2014.
‘Oct14':       +14 new files, with total now 159:etc.                                                                         Dated 18/11/2014.
'Sep14':      +29 new files: etc.                                                                                                       Dated     /10/2014.
'Aug14':      +6 new files: etc.                                                                                                         Dated     /9/2014.

'May14':     +102 'replacement' PDF-etc files.  
                     To make better use of some EBS feature enhancements, (by varying the FileNames;  (and then replacing all the previous main files.).                                                                                                                                                                                                
  * = use the Links, to go directly to the 'Jan'2015 B.E.', and to the Sale-items' Titles etc.

1. The PDF-etc -file additions to EBS, generally by 'end-month batch', are now mainly the balance of the B.E.s, from 1909 to 2015 inclusive
-  and a few reference Bible-study items, that are commonly quoted-from by the Chapel speakers and writers.
    The printed-versions of each BPT-item is available for Purchase  -  usually from stock.

2. The Search options can access each PDF-etc file's related Catalogue and Summary .TXT-file pair.
The TXTs are then displayable at the Search Results, via mouse-over of an item Title.

3. EBS-webpage main-text areas are also being extended/updated, when appropriate  
-  indicated by a 'Date' entry (in UK date format dd/mm/yyyy), at the end of the updatable-text area.

What's new, general

EBS updating.


the printed BPT book/booklet/leaflet items have now been loaded to EBS, in 'an initial PDF-file format'.

All these items, (and progressively many of the B.E.s), can now be Read on EBS, or Downloaded  -  all at no charge.

All these items are now Purchasable through EBS, via PayPal (using the main Credit Cards.).


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