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These are the Recordings of the Berean Forward Movement (BFM) and a few related other sources.
Hear, or Download, any of the sample items; 
or Buy DVDs/etc of MP3s (at just the media/handling cost)
via the 'email feature' at http://www.easierbiblestudy.org/contact-us/.



At the moment, this page is very much an initial starting aspect of the still being constructed EBS website.
It has therefore been accorded second place to the placing of all our BPT literature publications on EBS.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but on an individual basis we can arrange for you to have, on CD/DVD or Memory Stick, some or all of Mr. Welch and Mr Allen's recorded messages.
Further details are available from the Distribution Secretary.

NB. An interim progressive provision of recordings, 'by Catalogue-group, (within a ZIP-file.)'. 
For practical reasons, the 'current simple-filenames', for the existing MP3-files, will be used.
The EBS Search can access ZIP-files (and their Catalogue and Summary text-data)  -  but NOT the MP3's, or any related chart-PDFs, in the ZIP-file.

NNB.  A ZIP-file on EBS, with multiple MP3-etc files inside it, can only be Downloaded to a PC etc, for use there.
The provision of all the MP3s (and related PDFs, and related 'Catalogue/Summary TXT-files) individually (on par with the Literature items) is currently longer term, because of resource limitations.


audio W 5, Colossians 3.1-4, Second Coming and the Adoption, The
and chart W 5   Samples, to Hear, and View, on EBS.

A sample MP3s group, to Download(-only), from EBS;  and to then, after 'file-Extraction from the ZIP-file,
to Hear all these MP3s (and View all the related Charts-PDFs etc), on a PC etc.


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