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To those new to the Bible, & to serious students, we earnestly wish to assist your studies of God’s Word of Truth, with our special approach & in depth study making it 'easier' for you.

Note. ‘Acts 28’ is a term used by us in two special ways:  a) to indicate God’s dispensational time boundary there, for then changing temporarily from ‘Israel’, to ‘gentiles (all treated as individuals, in all nations)’, & with now ‘all of grace’; ie as Acts 28:17-24,25-26,27-31.  b) to also cover other profound consequences of ‘a’;  mainly that the ‘Prison Epistles of Paul (eg Ephesians, Colossians)’ were written as the main Scripture for us today.

   We also then note special use of the terms ‘Mystery, Church, Body’;  eg from Eph 3:1-13 covering both ’the Mystery of Christ, the Head’, and ‘the Mystery of The Church, The Body’ (‘Body Church’)  -  the Body here being very different from ‘the Jewish church full body, of the Acts period’, as 1 Cor 12:12-31.
 Realising and acting on this understanding, makes for ‘easier Bible study and understanding’, and leads to the avoidance of many confusing difficulties that usually arise from the main traditional and historic approaches.

Our Basis, and Bible approach; and special main Bible understandings, include:   [26.2.2017]
Our ‘key distinctives list, in general order of priority for our Christian witness’  -  amplified afterwards, with item Links:
1.  [Doctrinal.] ‘The Bible is generally to be understood literally, except where obviously/necessarily figurative, poetic, etc’.
2.  [Doctrinal.] ‘The full inspiration of the original-language Scriptures;  and the preservation of the (N.T.) Majority Greek Texts.
3.  [Doctrinal.] ‘The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ’.
4.  [Doctrinal.] ‘The all sufficiency of Jesus Christ's one sacrifice on the Cross, for the everlasting salvation of all true Believers’.
5.  [Doctrinal.] Water Baptism and the Lord's Supper' are not mandatory today; (ie ‘optional – as the ‘Prison Epistles, post Acts 28’).
6.  [Dispensational.] ‘The need for the correct Right Division of the Scriptures, with the post Acts 28 boundary a key for us today … .’  
7.  [Practical.] ‘The Chapel of the Opened Book, in London, is 'an Acts 28 dispensational Church', with Sunday services etc’.
8. [General.] We reject ‘Acts 28 dispensationalism critics’ if based on modern (later-)Bullinger/Welch'; (excl. if on Darby/Scofield).


KEYSMain terms here:  Acts 28; Baptism, Lord’s Supper; Bible; ‘Body Church’ (ie ‘the Church, which is His Body’); Chapel, London; Church; Deity; Hell; Inspiration; Majority Text; (The) Mystery; (Bible) Preservation; Resurrection; Right Division; Soul; Sufficiency.  
Main authors :  Allen; Bullinger ‘EWB’; Welch ‘CHW’.  Plus links to more, at other publishers.


The above ‘basis, etc’, in more detail:
[Doctrinal] Our Bible approachis:
a) Generally to take the Bible essentially at face value (preferably literally), except for:
what is obviously 'figurative
(eg parables), or poetic', or if otherwise explained in the Bible,
or if needed to make proper sense
(consistent with clear related Bible passages).
b) When Interpreting, to use all the main hermeneutic tools; on contexts, word meanings and usage;
figures of speech, passage/book(s) (subject-)Structures; etc.

The Companion Bible (main editor EW Bullinger) is a special study source for: 
most Figures of Speech;  and, the 'hundreds of important subject-Structures' that can be identified in the Bible, for contexts etc;  and for much other helpful information.
The Structures, many likely to be divinely inspired, are generally both impressive and helpful,
and can be far better than just the usual 'passage Headings', (varied in Bible translations).  See www.heavendwellers.com/hd_complete_companion_bible.htm, for free pic-per-page PDF-files;
www.companionbiblecondensed.com, for a free-to-view/print version; Bullinger's Notes column is condensed by moving occasional alternatives into, and identified in, any replaced KJV text;
   www.biblegateway.com/ is a good free source for many Bible translations and study aids.


(2) [Doctrinal] The full inspiration of the Scriptures, as in the original-language texts
and, the preservation of the New Testament, as in the Majority Greek Texts.

The KJV(/NKJV) N.T., used 'an AD 1600s … Received Greek Text', (almost a Majority Greek Text).
We prefer these to 'the shorter constructed modern NestleAland-UBS Greek Text, used for NIV etc.
   The new 'Acts 28 dispensational Bible translation' at www.FarAboveAll.org is from the main free Majority Hebrew(/Aramaic) and Greek Texts;  and is near completion (O.T. small balance in 2017).
There is a very strong case for essentially the full preservation of the original Bible text;  and, for rejecting changes made in 'the old Vatican/Sinai editorially-corrected(!) shorter texts', and the related questionable variant/translation assumptions generally used for the RV, NIV, etc.
These two old texts were not preserved and used for most of the time since the 4th century A.D., although the Alexandrian, and the vast majority of other texts, were used.   See
   We mainly start by using the KJV(/NKJV-etc) Bibles, and the Companion [KJV Study-]Bible.

See www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Can_we_Believe_the_Bible_!__][CH_Welch][2011][4][0.05][1][May14_1und'd,ebs0_5p_450k][LFLTS][1][Genesis_1.1-3+].pdf

(3) [Doctrinal] The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A fundamental doctrine, and a normal part-basis for Christian fellowship and worship.   See www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Deity_of_Christ,_The][CH_Welch][1998][57][1.50][1][Mar14_1Rr2003,ebs0_58p_3.9m][BKLTS][1][].pdf

(4) [Doctrinal] The all sufficiency of Jesus Christ's one sacrifice on the Cross,
especially for the everlasting salvation of all Believers.

A fundamental doctrine, and normal part-basis for Christian fellowship and worship.  See

(5) [Doctrinal] We regard 'Water Baptism, and the Lord's Supper', as not mandatory for today (ie ‘optional …’), mainly as they are not expected, or mentioned, in the Prison Epistles,

a) The 'One Baptism' (Eph 4:5) is spiritual, rather than of water;  and, the 'Lord's Supper (Communion)' was first a Christian Passover ceremony;  then later held frequently/regularly.
b) 'Acts 28 Christians today', attending non-dispensational churches, can regard both in ‘a’ as a matter of conscience, and of/for unity;
and hence may then choose to take part in these,
eg to avoid offending or unsettling non-dispensational new (or mature) believers. Rom 14:20-22.

For non-dispensational reasons, the Salvation Army, and the Quakers, do not practice either at ‘a’.

www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Baptism][S_Allen][1989][16][0.80][2][May14_2r2006,ebs0_16p_1.0m][BKLTS][1][Heb6.1-9,+,John1.25-31,Mat3.11,Acts1.4,Luke21.4,+].pdf www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Dispensational_Place_Of_The_Lord's_Supper,_The][CH_Welch][1983][20][0.60][7][Feb15,ebs0-1_21p_518k+,ppp][BKLTS][1][TBA].pdf

(6) [Dispensational] The correct(!) 'Right Division' of the Scriptures,
by distinguishing all the true dispensations,
used by God for His 'Progressive Revelations'.

Great care needs to be taken with the successive 'church-types':
a) the nation Israel's 'church in the wilderness'
(in Exodus), is ongoing into the Gospels period;
‘part-Christianised in the Acts period';
(next. restored for Great Tribulation, & the Millennium).
   This church is like 'a (full human) body', including that body's own head. 1Corinthians 12:12-31.
   The Gospels and Acts periods were characterised by 'Signs and Wonders, including Miracles'.
b) 'the Church, which is His Body, (Christ the Head of this new Body)', from post Acts 28, as revealed in Paul's Prison Epistles, as applying today. Eg Eph 1:22-23, 5:23, Col 1:18; NKJV (NIV)
   The post Acts 28 period is not at all characterized by 'Signs and Wonders, including Miracles'.

NB. In 'a', we find O.T. Covenants and Law;  but 'b’s' basis is ‘no law, and only grace'!
In dating, 'a' spans from around 2000BC to say 63AD; and then 'b' from 63AD to today [2017].  See
www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Right_Division][CH_Welch][2011][12][0.40][1][May14_1-tba,ebs0_12p_969k][LFLTS][1][2Timothy_2.15].pdf ;
www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Dispensational_Frontier,_The][CH_Welch][1988][32][0.90][3][May14_3-1988,ebs0_31p_18.5m_BPT-a1][BKLTS,ARTICLES][1][Acts28.28;Eph3;+].pdf www.easierbiblestudy.org/uploads/files/lit/[Church,_The__][S_Allen][2011][8][0.20][1][May14_1,ebs0_8p_707k][LFLTS][1][Ephesians_3.9].pdf

(7) [Practical.] The Chapel of the Opened Book, in London (EC2A 2ER, near Moorgate), is a non-denominational 'post Acts 28 Church …'.

a) It holds weekly Sunday services, with prayer, many dispensational hymns, and Bible studies; with fellowship afterwards;  and also has weekly/monthly/other meetings.
b) It does not administer 'Water Baptism' or the 'Lord's Supper (Communion)'; because the related ‘Types and Shadows’ do not apply ‘in today’s dispensation of every blessing, & only grace'.

(8) [General] We only encourage a particular range of dispensational understandings; eg:
a) We are for, if modern '(later-)Bullinger/Welch/etc based';
with 'THE Church from Acts 28 until the present time’, (ie prior to Israel's restoration,Great Tribulation, and the Millennium.).
b) We are not for historic 'Darby/Scofield/etc': 
'a Church from Acts 2 until today, superseding Israel'.

'Modern' is here used in 'a', as there have been some major changes since the early 1900s;
and 'historic' in 'b', with its few significant changes since the late 1800s.
   Regarding 'b', some of our key understandings are very different. 
For 'a', we invite anyone, concerned enough, to read available clear responses to critics. 
eg 'Otis Q Sellers v Harry A Ironside', ("Do we wrongly divide the Word of Truth? An open letter to HA Ironside", by OQ Sellers)  -  to then to decide for themselves, (or seek EBS clarification).
   We do not believe that the present ‘Body Church’ goes into the Great Tribulation period, (but note that others of Acts 28 think differently.).  ie what is, for ‘Israel and the nations, Premillenial’,

   On these aspects, and on other matters of future prophecy, we consider or note differentunderstandings; but do not put them on par with the fundamentals of the faith.  
A partly related situation exists concerning ‘Creationism, and Intelligent Design’, versus (the theory of) evolution’, that has hugely developed since the time of Bullinger, Welch, etc  -  and is attracting a growing number of new ‘literal young earth creationists’, and extensive wide ranging resources.



Note A. [Practical] The EBS website has already been given special features that can significantly lead to 'easier Bible study'; including:

a) A huge amount of literature, free electronically;  and a start on many audio-recordings.
b) Powerful EBS Search options; to access a database of each 'extended/structured item filename, and its related text-data files
(as at 'a').
c) Links to related material on other websites.

Each main resource-item table-entry will, at 'Title mouse-over', open a small sub-window, that gives a detailed meaningful description/sample text display, for that item'.

An advantage of EBS's using the PDF file-type for most items, rather than Kindle/Apple files, is that all PDFs can be read on any smartphone/tablet/PC that has the appropriate App(lication software) installed. Eg the free Adobe (PDF) Reader.
   Also, on a PC/tablet with MS Windows, all such PDFs that are Downloaded into a single Folder,
can have all their texts Searched in one go, (using the free Adobe Reader utility program!  
Any related Kindle/Apple file equivalents can only be Searched one file at a time!
See via the EBS User-help tab.

[26/2/2017.  (MG, in part); +GJW.]


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