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About us

Minister: Michael Garstang.

A Movement we claim to be, but only of students of the Scriptures Divinely Inspired and, we believe it possible, Rightly Divided.

We readily acknowledge that not a few worthies of the 1800's saw the importance of St. Paul's quotation of Isaiah 6 vv.9,10, and Paul's words, '...be it known unto you that the Salvation of God is sent to the Gentiles..'.

Such names as John Nelson Darby, C.H.Mackintosh, Richard Holden. Dr. E.W. Bullinger and C.H.Welch give testimony to this fact, i.e. that Israel again become, and remain as yet, 'LO-AMMI ( Hosea 1:9).

All the Bible surely is for us, but it surely is no expression of presumption to ask, 'what part of Scripture is about us' ?  Having no claim to Israel's ( suspended ) hope and calling, we both value and revel in that hope and calling made known only in those epistles of Paul written after the statement of Acts 28 vv 25 - 29.


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Right Division

The principle of right division leads us to recognise that the seven 'Last Epistles' by the apostle Paul include a divinely provided Calling, coming into operation after the setting aside of the nation of Israel.

This Calling comprises a company of believers who form the members of the Church which is His (Christ's) Body; but we also recognise that there is more than one calling in operation today and that the other callings include one in John's Gospel.

The seven Prison Epistles referred to above containing this calling for members of the Body are Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, Philippians, Titus and 1 & 2 Timothy.



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